What Makes A Strong Character?

…the measure of your human strength of character is your ability to resist the holding of grudges and your capacity to withstand brooding in the face of deep sorrow.  – The Urantia Papers, (156:5.17)


The biggest problem building and repairing relationships has to do with our holding of grudges and resentments. How often do we behave like little kids, getting mad with others and with life? How long do we stay in such moods? When do we plan to stop throwing these tantrums Smile?

life is short

Life is extremely short. We get reminded of this reality quite often. Notice the person who died suddenly leaving her family behind. Also notice folks who are terminally ill. Life on this planet is not guaranteed. The only thing we can guarantee is our own attitude towards life. We can only control our own thoughts. When we forgive others, life and our selves, we feel better and buoyant!  When we let go of resentments we free ourselves and give self full permission to live! We end up with healthier minds and bodies. We are happier! What’s stopping us??

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM forgiving!

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