What Is Reality?

No authority is higher than reality.  Peter Nivio Zarlenga

which reality?

We live almost 100% subjective realities. We’re circumscribed in our experiences, our origin, the culture we grow up in or live in, our ego controlled minds and our own expectations of others and events. Even experiences of ‘God’ and the ‘Universe’ emerge quite differently based on the individual. Case in point is 100s of religions that abound.

seeking reality

Does that mean there’s no reality to be sought? I don’t think so. I believe that our universal quest is to seek such reality. I also believe that ‘love’ is the way forward. Relationships are the playground through which we’ll live, learn and experience this love. Let’s seek the highest reality we can know, love….

Daily Affirmation: Today I relate to one and all in love.

Recommendation: On Life after Death by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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