We Will Overcome

The river may be wide but it can always be crossed. – African Proverb

see the far side

Can you see the other side? If you can then you know that the destination isn’t very far. Else, keep the vision of that end goal ever clear, in your mind’s eye. There isn’t a goal worth achieving that we can’t achieve if we set our heart, mind and soul to it! So ‘see’ the end, and take the first step…

then step by step

The journey of a thousand miles has thus started. Lately I’ve been bike riding with my 12 year old daughter. Together we discovered that it’s best to keep our sights on the next few yards rather than the top of the slope which seems so hard to overcome. As we focus on the present moment and the step we take, we can do our best, and in good time, the destination looms! That is the way, until we spot the next great peak that beckons us. We can then ‘see’ that peak and take our first step…

Daily Affirmation: Today I climb, step by step.

Recommendation: Beyond the Summit by Todd Skinner

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