Visualization, that seeing of that which is not yet, is essential for the attainment of all the good that man may aspire to.Tehilla Lichtenstein

visualize what?

Visualize that which you want to realize in your life. Not that which you’d rather not see. Caught in our fears and insecurities we often dwell more on that which shouldn’t be, rather than that which ought to be. Visualize, preferably, the highest good for the most people concerned.


Feel the end result, see it as clearly as you can, smell it, touch it, experience it fully, live it. Employ all your senses and imagination. Repeat a couple times a day, no more, then let go…

An Example: Visualize your house bustling with family, enjoying the laughter, the fun and games, see light, smell the aromas, experience the happiness, notice that health and prosperity abound…

Daily Affirmation: Today I visualize happiness.

Recommendation: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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