The Three Modes Of Life…

14.11 When the light of wisdom shines from the portals of the body’s dwelling, then we know that Sattva is in power.

14.12 Greed, busy activity, many undertakings, unrest, the lust of desire – these arise when Rajas increases.

14.13 Darkness, inertia, negligence, delusion – these appear when Tamas prevails. The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 14)

3 modes

There are 3 modes of existence, of being, of body types and even of nutrition. Sattva is all about what is goodness, good actions, nutrition that produce good behavior etc.. Rajas has to do with passion and its results. Tamas is living in darkness and ignorance.

so what?

By recognizing these 3 life modes we’re encouraged to follow the highest path possible in all that we do. We’re encouraged to eat right, think right, do right and aspire to the highest life goals.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM good.

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