The Goal Of Ages…

8.7 Think of me therefore at all times; remember thou me and fight. And with mind and reason on me, thou shalt in truth come to me.

8.14 Those who in the devotion of Yoga rest all their soul ever on me, very soon come unto me..The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 8)

think of me

We move and have our being in God, everything is God. Another way of stating this is that God is Truth, God is the essence, God is the goal… In this verse ‘God’ exhorts the human to set his mind on the eternal goal, fight the inner fight and achieve the goal of the ages…

the spiritual dimension

Beyond what we see, underneath it all, there’s a whole lot more. When we can still our mind, achieve a certain equanimity, allow our brain to function at lower frequencies than beta, then we can and do have access to what’s beyond. Here we’re connected to a global, non-local consciousness. This is the path to higher guidance from universal intelligence…

Daily Affirmation: Today I seek God by becoming still.

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