The Archer and Us…

One goal, which becomes clearer as we progress, is to detect and eliminate self-contradictions.  – Vernon Howard

the archer

A story from Vernon…

A teacher and his disciples were crossing a field when they passed an archer who was shooting at a target. When an arrow struck the target in the center the archer praised  himself aloud. But when the next arrow missed the target completely the archer angrily blamed a gust of wind.
‘Ah,’ sighed the teacher as the group went on its way. ‘That is so typical of man. When something goes right it is due to his great skill, but a wrong result is always the fault of someone else.’

whose fault?

In one way or another we tend to blame others for what goes wrong in our lives. We are host to many contradictions in how we conduct our lives. Clear thinking and the integration of our mind, body and soul have to be life goals for us. If so, then we must actively remove such contradictions from our lives.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM more objective about my self!

Recommendation: The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard

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