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Expand your horizons with faith…

Belief is always limiting and binding; faith is expanding and releasing. Belief fixates, faith liberates.The Urantia Papers

Watch it when you espouse any belief about your self, your religion, others or about life itself. Belief is limiting because it ties you down. Whatever understanding you have about your capabilities, holds true.

Instead of accumulating beliefs, try the expansive nature of faith instead. Have faith in yourself, in others and in God/Universe.

Know that you can do and be more than you are right now. Don’t limit your growth. Allow the same in others, let them be what they can be, don’t stifle them.

Truly ‘belief fixates, faith liberates’! Employ faith and fly!

Recommendation: The Urantia Papers

Your inner voice

Everyone has an inner voice; you just have to listen to it and trust it in order to be led by it. I did that, and it gave me the ability to live a life that’s true to who I am.Sissy Spacek

Have you paid attention to the still voice inside you? It’s always there, beckoning us towards love, attention, service, caring, dynamic action and the sure way ahead.

It takes the shape of hunches you receive, when you feel right on the inside, and you just know; or when a sudden thought pops into your head. Pay closer attention the next time, the more conscious your get the more it seems to be there.

Don’t miss out on this ever present and great resource. It’s where all the wisdom and love flows from too.

Recommendation: The Center Within

You are important to God

The poet can only write the poems; it takes the reader to complete the meaning.Nikki Giovanni

God is the master poet who writes profusely and with abandon. It is up to us to make meaning out of everything we see and experience. God’s there behind the scenes watching and participating in many more ways than one.

As we experience life and build our meaning and values, God finds that extremely powerful and valuable. He needs us as much as we need him. It takes two to tango and without us and our experience of living, relating and finding deep meaning, his whole creation would be for naught.

You are important to God, very important, always remember that, he can’t do without you, that’s how valuable you are.

Recommendation: God Is Closer Than You Think

How much can you handle?

I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.Mother Teresa

How much can we handle? For some the flood of adversity is relentless and never seems to recede. For others things seem to sail smoothly, at least on the surface. Life isn’t a bed of roses, that’s for sure…

So how can we cope?

One way is to not conjure up a scary future. Stay in the moment, handle what’s on our plate for today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

Another is to have a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of God (Universe), and that all will work out for the best, for everyone.

Come to think of it, for us to be truly present to the day we must have faith that tomorrow will be just fine. Faith must come first and then the ability to stay in the moment!

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