Self Importance

You can do important work if you do not become self-important; you can do several things as easily as one if you leave yourself out.The Urantia Papers


When we have a balanced concept of our own selves, we can handle life and its vicissitudes just fine. We know how to be happy or at least we know what to do to be happy. If we have low self-esteem, we wallow in self-pity and we tend to lash out and blame others. We aren’t happy with who we are and that colors our world-view.

getting in our own way

There’s another way we can get in our own way. It’s when our ego gets too big, we deem ourselves so important that the self becomes the end itself. We focus on our needs constantly, we do that to the detriment of everything else important to our lives. If we leave ourselves out of any situation or undertaking, we can be far more efficient.

Daily Affirmation: Today I focus on others and the job at hand.

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