Permanent Teeth!

Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.Heraclitus

lost teeth

Our family experiences a lot of joy daily because of all the photo memories that flash across the computer screen that sits in our kitchen. Yesterday I noticed a cute photo of our son with his front teeth intact. Last year he had landed on his face and lost several ‘milk teeth’. The photo got me thinking. I realized how once he had all his teeth intact, then a few disappeared and now he’s starting to grow his ‘permanent’ teeth in place! And such is life. Everything we see is in a state of flux, everything we see shall not last. So what does?

eternal life

Only the essence, the real, the spiritual, the soul, survives. I also believe that our individual soul survives into eternity to enjoy endless growth and adventure. If the soul survives then so do our relationships with other souls. Relationships can only be built in love, therefore love is the true currency of the Universe. The main product that this love produces, for an eternity, is our relationships…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM love.

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