Our Greatest Obligation?

There are so many things to enjoy ourselves here on earth and our life is so short that suffering is a loss of time. We have, for example, snow in winter to enjoy with; flowers in spring, chocolate made by the Perugia, French baguette, Mexican tacos, Chilean wine, seas and rivers, Brazilian soccer, The Thousand and One Nights, the Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, Pedro Paramo, boleros composed by Manzanero and poems written by Whitman, Mahler, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Picasso and Tamayo, among many other wonders.Facundo Cabral

be happy

Our greatest obligation is to our self. If we are miserable so will the people around us be. If we’re joyous and serving children of God then we’ll spread joy and love, which also happen to be the greatest need out there. We’re not in competition with the other, we are the other, the other is us.


Today I AM joyous in the realization that Life is Good and the multitude of reasons why we have no choice but to be happy…

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