Love To Do …

To discover, there must be no fear of not surviving.  – Krishnamurti


Krishnamurti talks about how one might discover what one loves to do…

To find out what you love to do demands a great deal of intelligence; because, if you are afraid of not being able to earn a livelihood, or of not fitting into this rotten society, then you will never find out. But, if you are not frightened, if you refuse to be pushed into the groove of tradition by your parents, by your teachers, by the superficial demands of society, then there is a possibility of discovering what it is you really love to do.

being fearless

To make such a journey we must be fearless. Then we can truly discover what we love to do, who we are and what will fulfill us. Why does fear stymie our efforts? How can we erase fear? How can we be free?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM fearless.

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