How To Use Honey!

A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall. Abraham Lincoln


How we begin an interaction is probably more important than the rest of the conversation. ‘First impressions’ last the longest. Genuine and hear-felt friendliness will ultimately melt even the toughest exterior. Let’s start each such exchange with a real smile and a softness that reveals our own deep nature; then watch how all our relationships blossom!

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13th Dale Carnegie Principle: Begin in a friendly way.

Here’s an example from the book:

Daniel Webster, who looked like a god and talked like Jehovah, was one of the most successful advocates who ever pleaded a case; yet he ushered in his most powerful arguments with such friendly remarks as: "It will be for the jury to consider," "This may perhaps be worth thinking of," " Here are some facts that I trust you will not lose sight of," or "You, with your knowledge of human nature, will easily see the significance of these facts." No bulldozing. No high-pressure methods. No attempt to force his opinions on others. Webster used the soft-spoken, quiet, friendly approach, and it helped to make him famous.

Daily Affirmation: Today I begin with love!

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