How To Restore Self…

All forgiveness is a gift to yourself.  – A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

expectation = resentment

We build resentment daily. Mostly with others, when they don’t quite do what we expect them to do. And with self because life (or the day) isn’t going quite as we expect it to. Resentment with self is very subtle and we have to pay special attention to unearth this self-hatred…

gift to self

Forgiving others and self just once or occasionally isn’t enough. It’s a daily muscle we must develop. When we forgive daily, especially during prayer, we’ll feel an amazing lightness of being. Consequently we’ll be more joyous and healthy!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM ALL forgiving…

Recommendation: A Course in Miracles by Dr. Helen Schucman

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2 thoughts on “How To Restore Self…”

  1. Dear Manu,
    I am certain, after many years of experience as a truthseeker, that in order to deserve forgiveness we must as well forgive. Our recent past was not conducted in this way, but from now on we will need to forgive ourselves for all things we have done in history, on one side or the other of our clashes of will. Retribution only led us to a crescendo of aggressiveness that almost tore us apart, instead of taking us to space, where we will continue to cultivate the values we share in each of our 193 Member States of the United Nations Organization. One excellent forum to be the siege of this process is the General Assembly of the UN, whenever we face difficult questions. UNESCO, on the other hand, will help us debate all of our cultural problems in beautiful socio-anthropological-religious terms, as cultures that evolved to properly understand the meanings of onto-gnoseo-spiritual meanings of our presence in Creation. The other specialized agencies of the UN will deal with every specific aspect of debates separating us, in Synergic cooperation and co-creation with the Deities of the Supreme Trinity, Let us cherish, each one of us, the conceptions we all have, of a ideal society in which our best dreams will become reality. There is so much room in space, and so much leeway in time-space, that each believer may now be certain that those dreams might even become better than they have ever dreamed as a child, a teenager, an adult or a senior citizen like me. All we need to do is to debate sincerily around the Revelations of the Urantia Book. Our history of many gaps is beautifully described thre, in the Document on The History of Urantia. Each and every one of our truthseekers can co-create realities with God in that progressive direction, aiming at the perfection that we all were created to pursue. Who would oppose the idea of a Democracy with three planes of power, the first one being the Executive Power. The Legislative Power will have Representatives of the people and the Judicial Power will solve all divergencies around the interpretation of the laws that evolved during the historical maturation of the institutions that make each of us unique and irreplaceable in the whole. We have the chance, thanks to the structure of power developed after our two world wars, of reaching a solid consensus or even an enthused unanimity, to start the Era of Light and Life that is the destiny of all civilizations evolving in time-space. The emphasis will be to develop strong souls, maturely respecting our differences and our different ways of life, in respect of the free will that all celestials respect in us. Our minds are divinely inhabited, so the first step to progress and understanding is the respect of each other’s values, Frederico

  2. Frederico you state correctly that we have in ourselves (our divine inheritance) and otherwise the institutional structures (the UN) to solve all our problems. However I don’t believe we’ll get there gently. I’m afraid that we collectively need to learn a few more harsh lessons before we start to cooperate. Much love my brother…

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