How To Reach Any Goal

9.34 Give me thy mind and give me thy heart, give me thy offerings and thy adoration; and thus with thy soul in harmony, and making me thy goal supreme, thou shalt in truth come to me. The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 9)


The very basis and most goals of living are centered around relationships. A primary reason why God created everything was to share himself with his creation. He does that through his very presence within our core being. If we believe in God then the path toward him is through a relationship with him.

with our full being

The instructions given in this verse are comprehensive and allow us to reach any goal we desire. If we set our mind, whole-heartedly, on any goal and make it our prime objective then there’s every reason for us to succeed. Of course the goal of the ages and of most people is to reach God or ultimate reality. Similar to any other relationship, if we dedicate our self to God (the other person), making him the object of our desire then we must succeed!

Daily Affirmation: Today I give self to God.

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