How To Increase Self-Respect…

Spiritual living mightily increases true self-respect. But self-respect is not self-admiration. Self-respect is always co-ordinate with the love and service of one’s fellows.Jesus, Urantia Papers


This is a big topic everywhere we look. Why? Because a lot of our regular failings or shortcomings can be tied to a temporary or permanent lack of self-respect. We don’t trust our own value, we don’t think we amount to much, we know we’re not great and believe we’re not good enough. How to fix this?

spiritual service

Spiritual living comes from at least a few of the following conclusions:

  • That we were created.
  • Therefore we matter.
  • And that everyone else matters too.

That’s the theoretical part. Spiritual living becomes practical when…

  • We serve others every chance we get.
  • We think of the larger good in all our undertakings.
  • When we think selflessly.

Spiritual living builds a healthy self-respect which leads to emotional stability which equals happiness! Who will we serve today?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a servant of all!

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