How To Find More Meaning In Life!

The more meaning we find in life, the more meaning we find in life…  – NamasteNow!

true happiness

True happiness is a product of finding enduring meaning in life. Meaning can certainly evolve and grow, but meaning we must have if we are to be happy campers on this planet! What is it that truly drives us? Are we being truthful when we say it’s the nice things like ‘family’, ‘relationships’, ‘fun’ etc.? Discovering what drives us will lead us to uncover meaning in our lives.

find meaning

We must spend time ruminating and acting on what drives us. An example is discovering that to be happy in a job we must work with like-minded individuals. Once we figure that out we ought to seek job opportunities that allow us to do just that. Once we start becoming happier at our jobs we are more likely to discover greater meaning in other aspects of life. One feeds the other, find meaning in one aspect of life spurs finding meaning in the rest of our lives! Let’s go seek more meaning!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a seeker of meaning!

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Deep Listening: Hidden Meanings In Everyday ConversationKindle Fire, Full Color 7