How To End The Masquerade!

A person begins earnest work on himself when first sensing he is not who he imagines he is. The end of the masquerade is the start of peace.Vernon Howard

the big game

We all play a game. We project a self that’s not real. We employ various accouterments to support this masquerade. We might speak for effect or do certain things to get noticed. We’re even adept at fooling our own selves. It becomes a very intricate and long running game. It’s almost impossible to see what we’re doing.

observe self

We become privy to this elaborate masquerade when we decide to observe self. Slowly the stories we tell self become more clear. We recognize why we do things to impress others, we realize what lies we tell self to feel better, we understand how we label others so that we can be justified. It all starts to fall apart. And it must if we are to be at peace.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM stepping aside…

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The Mystic Path to Cosmic PowerKindle Paperwhite, 6