How To Defeat Fear!

Fear is a terrible emotion, which you need not suffer from. Learn to see a situation as it is, not as you are.  – Vernon Howard


Most of us are worriers. If worrying was good for us, we could make a living from it! We regret certain past decisions and we worry about our future, the two together make for a fine recipe for fear…

understand it

How can we overcome fear? Here are some steps we may consider:

  1. Notice when fear strikes. What caused it?
  2. Recognize that fear (which is a reaction) occurs within us.
  3. We created that fear inside us…, we control it’s lifespan
  4. Assert control

It’s really up to us, we can control the creations of our mind because it’s our mind! Enjoy understanding and experimenting…

Daily Affirmation: Today I defeat fear by understanding it!

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