How To Build A Better World Starting Today…

You want a better, more fraternal, more just world? Well then, start building it: Who is stopping you? Build it inside yourself and around you, build it with those who want it. Build it small, and it will grow.  – Lanza del Vasto

we must be the change

Let’s look in the mirror first. How can we change? How can I change? The change must be sweeping, where we deal kindly with our children, colleagues, everyone… How else can it be systemic within us?

extreme kindness

I like to call it the ELK Principle, Extreme Loving and Kindness towards anyone we touch daily. Start with kind thoughts for self. Design each thought to be loving and lovely. Try to see the innocence and magnificence in every human. Mentally utter a Namaste to them. Very hard to do consistently but worth practicing daily.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM kind to self and others!

Recommendation: Change Your Thoughts by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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