How To Be Brilliant!

Don’t put on airs. Conceit and pretense don’t win people’s hearts; the facade soon crumbles. Be yourself. Daisaku Ikeda

our airs

At some level we all exhibit who we’re not. That’s tiresome. It’s like trying to follow a lie we had uttered and having to keep up with it until it subsides! Being ourselves is natural, child-like and the only way to be. It’s the sure way to true friendship and lasting relationships.

our brilliance

When we live naturally, as ourselves, we enable our inner brilliant nature to shine through. Such a nature comes from the very center of all things, it comes from the source. This nature cannot penetrate into our waking consciousness if we live a lie, at any level. Now it doesn’t mean that a habit that’s deeply ingrained in us, is us. It could well be a learnt trait which isn’t our true nature and certainly doesn’t support our well being. In the end truth does triumph, as it will through us if only we let it.

Daily Affirmation: Today I shine as myself!

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