How To Be Anger Free!

Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.Elliott Larson


If there was one thing we could fix that would guarantee our happiness it would have to be our expectations from life, of others and self. We suffer in direct proportion to our expectation from any event. How many movies have we enjoyed when we didn’t expect much from them? How many restaurant experiences have been so-so because we expected more? What about spouses and kids? Are we suffering daily because of what we expect from them?

easier said

It’s all easier said than done of course. So how can we get going on this path? By watching our thoughts, our beliefs and therefore our expectations constantly. If we’re sick and expect the whole extended family to drop everything and tend to us then we’re guaranteeing our disappointment. Instead expect little. One might say that if we expect little from Life we’ll get less from it. That might be true. We might expect a lot from life and not tie our happiness to the outcome in that case. Seek God’s will instead. At the end of the day all we can do is give life our best shot…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM happy because all shall end well!

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