How To Approach Self-Transformation…

The questioning of presently-held viewpoints is an absolute necessity for self-transformation. It means that you must go against your old and familiar ways of thinking. It means you must think, act, and feel the exact opposite of other people.Vernon Howard

question everything

Why do we feel the way we feel when someone does something we don’t like? Why do we react a certain way when things go our way or they don’t? What keeps us happy and engaged? What is it that worries us? These are the kinds of questions to explore deeply about self if we’re serious about self-transformation.

think for self

We don’t have to feel exactly the opposite of others all the time, but it’s a great good clue to how to think! Most folks think based on habitual thinking patterns or how society would like them to think. So thinking against the grain is not a bad idea as long we don’t make it a habit. We must think flexibly and not robotically, that’s the idea. We must not behave hypnotically which we tend to do most times!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM alive to each moment!

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