How Even Sorrow Is Useful…

…that sorrow makes us all children again, destroys all differences of intellect.Ralph Waldo Emerson


Suffering is a reality wherever we look. In our collective and individual sorrow lies a gift. What is it? How will we discover it? What will we do with it?

the gift!

A gift is present in all that we experience. We simply have to detach from self and look from a ‘higher’ perspective. Imagine a family that’s suffering because an elderly parent is close to death. If the gift is accepted, the children of that household will come together, be thankful for what they are and what they have. Thankful also for all that their parent made possible. The children bond closer together, united at a difficult time and overlook all differences. What a poetic moment this can become! The whole family is enriched from this experience, it’s a gift that may never stop giving…

Daily Affirmation: Today I accept the gift of sorrow!

Recommendation: Moments in Between by David Kundtz

Moments in Between: The Art of the Quiet MindKindle Fire, Full Color 7