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Appeal to one’s nobler motives. Dale Carnegie

our nobler motives…

How can we convince someone or enroll them to support our vision? How can we gain anyone’s cooperation? Love the story below, one cool way we can meet with just about anyone including famous people is to do something similar. We could contact their office and promise to pay a nice sum to their favorite charity for just 5 minutes of their time! Inherently we all want to be enablers of the ‘larger good’, it’s hard to decline an appeal to our nobler motives!

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19th Dale Carnegie Principle: Appeal to the nobler motives.

Here’s a story from the book:

When Cyrus H. K. Curtis, the poor boy from Maine, was starting on his meteoric career, which was destined to make him millions as owner of The Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies’ Home Journal, he couldn’t afford to pay his contributors the prices that other magazines paid. He couldn’t afford to hire first-class authors to write for money alone. So he appealed to their nobler motives. For example, he persuaded even Louisa May Alcott, the immortal author of Little Women, to write for him when she was at the flood tide of her fame; and he did it by offering to send a check for a hundred dollars, not to her, but to her favorite charity.

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