Get Rid of Any Dis-Ease…

Bring awareness to it… –

embrace it

Most times an uncomfortable moment, an unsavory truth or an unpalatable trauma is denied or resisted by us. The result is that the incident is never fully processed by our psyche. If we do this enough times the result is often mental and/or physical dis-ease. Whether it’s buried deep in our sub-conscious or something we deal with on a daily basis, the only way to fully process it and thus rid of it, is to bring conscious awareness to it. We ought to become fully aware of it and let it do its thing within us. If fear or anxiety is what we feel, let it happen, don’t push against it, let it have its sway over us. Then after a few times, just like the ripples in a pond, the emotional charge will dissipate and eventually this discomfort will disappear.