Expectations and Assumptions

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.  – Charles F. Kettering

expectation (assumptions)

Yesterday morning I put some vitamin pills in my pocket. Later whenever I would put my hand in my pocket I would feel 2 pills. Then it suddenly struck me that I had put 3 pills in my pocket; how come I could only account for 2 of them? Sure enough there were 3 in my pocket, why did I think I had only two? Upon tracing back that thought pattern I realized that all along I had a mental image (an expectation) in my head that I had brought only 2 pills with me. Because of that assumption I could sense only 2 pills when there were actually 3! Often we can only grasp what we expect to grasp.

expectation = reality

That episode, along with innumerable others convinced me that expectations and assumptions, primarily, design our future. And they also limit what we allow ourselves to ‘see’ and experience.

Ever noticed why kids from wealthy backgrounds mostly turn out wealthy? Kids from happy households are happy adults? A lot of this has to do with the kind of expectations one is surrounded by, not just other nurturing.

Going about our day, what do we truly expect from a health, wealth and well-being perspective? Examining (and designing) such thoughts allows us to fine tune how we constantly create our reality. Be mindful.

Daily Affirmation: Today I design what I expect from life.

Recommendation: The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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