Do Your Own Thing

Listen to everything, forget much, correct little.Pope John XXIII

ears open

Daily life offers many treasures that we sometimes, actually often, overlook. We ignore beauty that surrounds us, we often fail to pay full attention to the person talking to us and we even ignore opportunities that come our way in the guise of trouble. Let’s keep our outlook broad and mind open, daily.

do your own thing

It’s your life, it’s the signature you decide to (de)sign on the fabric of life, don’t give up on this precious gift. We should take in all the feedback from the outside world, we should weigh it with what makes sense to our deep self, and we should do what we think is right. Here’s a test to judge what’s right. The path with more love in it, is the way.

Daily Affirmation: I am open to life fully today. I act in love.

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