Do We Have Free Will?

God loves us and believes in us and has done and will do anything he can to help us, but he will not impose on our free agency.  – Marion D. Hanks Ensign

free will creatures

No one person can know God’s will for the Universe or for other individuals. It appears that God wanted us to be creatures with the power to choose. That means she will not force herself on us. Which in turn means that we must ask to receive guidance and anything else that supports God’s larger vision for everyone. Our ability to choose (and keep God at a distance) also helps explain the planet’s sad state.

ask to receive

If we go about thinking we have the answers, that we know what’ll satisfy and soothe us then that’s exactly what will play out. Such an approach doesn’t work. We stay as directionless and as dissatisfied as ever. Isn’t that right? So what to do?

Let’s involve God into our daily life. Ask for help, consult God often, even moment by moment, continue to have faith in all that’s happening and show patience for God’s plan as it unfurls in our lives.

Daily Affirmation: Today I walk with God.

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