Deep Peace

The person should look for peace within and not depend on it in any other place. There are no waves in the depths of the ocean, it is still and unbroken.- The Buddha

within, it is

The concept isn’t rocket science but how many of us truly believe it, know it or accept it? Peace does come from within even if the object of interaction is outside us. It’s the interpretation of our experiences that allows us to be happy, sad or indifferent. The event is generally out there; our reaction to it comes from within. We choose constantly, it’s up to us.

below the surface

Our normal consciousness inhabits the stormy seas of the thoughts that we continuously manufacture. This storm is at the surface. Just as a scuba diver can descend below the choppy waters to enjoy the prevailing deep calm under the surface, so too can a practitioner of Stillness.

Daily Affirmation: Today I operate from the calm inside me.

Recommendation: True Meditation by Adyashanti

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