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To Feel Small Is Not Humility…

To accept your littleness is arrogant, because it means that you believe that your evaluation of yourself is truer than God’s.ACIM

child of god be still

We think we know a few things. Actually we don’t know that much. On top of that we’re experts at negative-talk especially when it comes to evaluating our own selves. That’s arrogant according to this quote. God knows us as his eternal children that make up the bright stars like in the night sky. If we are so, then who are we to condemn ourselves to ‘littleness’? We should just shut up, become still, and give God a chance to make itself known to us in the quiet repose…

What Is True Gratitude?

Gratitude is just giving your fullest attention to something, experiencing it, and realizing its Presence—its aliveness.Eckhart Tolle

the gift of presence

Each moment is alive, as is each seeming object, ‘out’ there. Everything comes alive thanks to our awareness of it. Awareness is us. And the highest love, and therefore the greatest gratitude comes from our gift of full attention to the person or object in front of us. Our thoughts distract us from the pure and spacious awareness that is us. Let’s realize our own presence!

Why 2019 Needs Us…

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.Rainer Maria Rilke

the ever new year

Each moment has never been. Yet it is fully so, now, and forever. The mystery of this ever-new moment can never be solved. It can only ever be experienced. And so, this ‘New Year’ is always being born, with us in the very midst of it. In fact without us, 2019 can never be.