Born Artist, You Are

Every artist was first an amateur.Ralph Waldo Emerson

born with it, you are

You are a born artist. How you might ask? In two ways I will retort.

  1. Because you are unique and your take on life has no duplication, anywhere.
  2. An artist looks at the world, sees meaning, often deep meaning and expresses that meaning in ways that are true, beautiful and good. You can do that daily in whatever you create. You can do it when you express yourself while communicating, in cooking, any writing that you do, via any self-expression for that matter. If that self-expression is pleasing to you and to others then you are an artist.

state of mind, it is

So if you’re an artist already how come you and others don’t quite know it? That’s just a state of mind. Know when you express yourself that you’re an artist. Also realize that the Universal Intelligence craves to express through you. Allow that. Live that mindset, express yourself with that same mindset and be amazed at what you create!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM an artist in the way I express myself.

Recommendation: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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