Becoming Truth

Words do not become true because you affirm them… You affirm them because they are true. You are synchronizing your consciousness with the reality of Truth.  – Eric Butterworth

words become…

A concept originates in our minds, we give it expression through words and eventually as actions or deeds. The way to supercharge this cycle of events is to start with ‘True’ concepts. Here’s an example, ‘I’m a child of God’. Accepting it as Truth, affirming it and then trying to live it makes it real in our lives…

discovering truth

Accepting and affirming reality strengthens our own hold on that reality. In other words we discover truth by accepting a concept or a hypothesis as fact, first. We do so by faith and as we do that, if it is indeed true, it shows up in our lives. This is contrary to what we’ve been taught. Try it to know its power!

Daily Affirmation: Today I realize the power of my affirmations!

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