Be Zen Do!

You can change a great many things. Or you can change. Same-same.The Universe


There’s a whole lot we’d like to see change. How will those very things and circumstances change if our perspective towards them changes? What’ll happen if our fundamental outlook towards life and happiness itself permanently shifts? How then will we view the world?

effecting change

It’s one thing to want to change it’s quite another to actually effect that change, especially in self! Many books and treatises have been written on this important topic, some essential learnings follow:

Our whole being must be involved if we mean to change. Mind, body and soul. I call it be~zen~do. We must actualize in mind and soul that which we want to be and only then will we ready to ‘do’ it lastingly. Applying Zen principles to the process, as in ‘Be Here Now’, makes a huge difference. ‘Be’ something first, be present, be mindful and then attempt to cement that idea in by doing it. It does take a habit about 28 days to form; so lets keep that in mind!

Daily Affirmation: Today I look at life differently.

Recommendation: Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

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