A Balanced Lifestyle!

Don’t let success go to your head – and if you fail, don’t let failure go there either!Jane Seabrook & Ashleigh Brilliant


We do many things successfully; watch how it changes us. When we don’t listen well, because we think we know already, or when we don’t question, thinking we understand enough, we are being cocky. Cockiness keeps us from being in a ‘learner’ or child-like mode. Remember your failures.


The exact opposite is true when dealing with failure. Let’s understand the key learning and simply move on. Remember your successes.

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3 thoughts on “A Balanced Lifestyle!”

  1. Hello Manu,
    The relativity of success and failure, in each place and time and tempo, advises us to keep track of the milieu we perceive. Thanks for these advices, indeed. Balance is really essential, between everyday life and longlasting values, personal and family or group life. Prudence is always necessary, but without some daring each one of us may run the risk of falling short of the best possibilities. Am I right in the understanding that we can perceive reality in a sixfold way: front and back, right and left, up and down? In the middle is our pentassensorial observation with our heart-mind, soul-spirit, ID-personality, in the reality created for us by the Creator of All. In it we must thankfully strive for perfection, both individual and shared, trying to attune to His will for us and those around us… Best wishes,

  2. In all the ways we percieve reality, I’m not sure, but what you write sure makes sense from a Urantia Papers (www.readtub.com) perspective! Thank you for your comments dear brother.

  3. Great to confirm my expectation that such a perspective would be right, from one point of view. A balanced life-style for our planet would just require good-will, good faith and good sense among and between nations. The recent agreement US-Russia on disarmament is promising of a decrease in risks unnecessary for any of all the others and themselves. I gladly learned that energy is already being produced with dismantled nuclear warheads: the march to peace is observable. The uranium needed in Teheran for a medical reactor could somehow be given to Iran, starting a path to a now unimaginable good-will. Rejecting others makes us reject part of ourselves as well…

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