No-Thing But God…

I am the Lord and there is nothing else... - Isaiah 45:5

god is

God (or ultimate reality) is. We move and have our being in God. There's only one thing going on and that's God. Know this and relax into Divinity's arms, all's well.

This Life Purpose Delivers Peace…

We are here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought. - Eckhart Tolle

awareness itself

We are not our thoughts. Then what are we? We're deeper than our thoughts. We're not our minds either. We're deeper than that. We're that which is conscious of what's going on. We're that to which objects and events appear.

Why We Can Chill…

Wherever you are to be, you shall be; whoever you are to meet, you shall meet; whatever you're to say, you shall say, and what you are to accomplish, is already done. - Buddha

all is well

There's a great design, a play, a master act with innumerable players, underway. This drama is ultimately guided and directed by the Divine. We, individuals, are not apart from the Divine. Our job, or our acting part, is exactly what we deliver on a daily basis. And we're fully capable because we are the chosen ones. Especially when we wake up to fully volunteer in this grand undertaking, we can know that we're where we need to be. And that all is in the gentle and loving hands of our all-wise and merciful creator.

Why Become Love?

Your Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the World. - Ramana Maharishi

become love

Our first priority must be self. When we discover who we really are and find peace only then can we be of any real service to the World. Until then we're grasping for light in the darkness. Once attuned to the Divine within, we become another conduit for Love to flow through us. We become love, which is the divine directive and the only worthwhile occupation on Earth.

Now is You…

You cannot be 'in' our 'out' of the Now. You are the Now. - Jeff Foster

now it is...

Only nowness is what's going on. And in the nowness 'I' am the only subject. Without this 'I' witnessing all objects and events, nothing is. So 'I' am necessary for my world to exist. My world is the only world that can ever be known to me, and therefore for the world to exist, I must be. The world is in this Now, my world is Now, I am the World and Now.

Matters of the Heart…

We must become calm. If you don't know what to do, do nothing. - Maya Angelou


The other day I was watching this moving documentary called 'The Power of the Heart' during which Maya uttered the words above. The story's about what heart-centeredness offers us a society and an individual. And her point was that to leverage the power of the heart we must become calm. And if we don't know how to do that then she suggests that we 'do nothing'.

How To Wonder Like A Child…

This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before. - Maya Angelou

child-like wonder

A wonderful day it is. A wonderful time to be alive. Do we view each moment with wonder and in wonder? If not, what's keeping us from it? Really, what is it that keeps us from fully arriving at right now? It's our distracted mind, which is ever abuzz with the thought of the moment. We stay in our heads and much to our detriment. Is there a way out? One way is to consciously operate more from our 'heart' region instead of always residing in our brain. Try it, just drop down to the heart and see what happens...

Where To Find Untold Treasure?

…as we learn to stop and see in a habitual and sustained way, our eyes are opened to the countless treasures that lie right here within our reach, which can fill our hearts with untold joy and deep peace. - Ruben Habito

Is it really true? Does it pay to always be here and now? Our human minds don't buy this logic. The truth is that the treasure to be found here and now can only be realized when we genuinely learn how to be fully present. Being fully present means that we're just being, and experiencing what's going on. It means that we're not creating thoughts about what's going on. And when we do this and get good at it then nothing but a blissful peace is the initial result. More eventually unfolds which includes amazing creativity and an all-encompassing sense of oneness...