Quotes – 2014

What We Shouldn’t Forget…

Thinking is life’s only variable. - The Universe

in control?

Thinking is the preamble to any action and therefore any result. It’s the only thing we can effectively control. Are we in control?


Today I AM crafting my thoughts carefully. I AM the designer. I AM the creator. I AM happy.

Recommendation: Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

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Quotes – 2014

What’s Most Precious?

Nothing is worth more than this day. - Goethe


How often do we forget? We start thinking each day is just like another, mundane and boring. Don’t we all do that? Why do we forget that each day is truly unique, every moment that we breathe is like none other before? This is actually a testament to God’s creativity that everyone and everything is brand new, moment by moment and daily!

So let’s breathe in this perspective and enjoy each moment as best we can. Enjoy this day as one that’ll be gone forever, soon. Realize that maybe this is the last year of our life, how should we live it? Let’s go kick some tires, smell some roses, peck some cheeks and yell ‘hooray’!


Today I AM getting it. This is it and I AM going to make the most of it. I AM blessed and this moment and day is complete. Today I will live it up. And be thankful for everything!

Recommendation: Love: What Life Is All About by Leo F. Buscaglia

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Quotes – 2014

How Achieve Our Goals!

To achieve your goal, your life may sound like a perfume counter - full of Passion and Obsession, leading to Joy. - John-Roger McWilliams

be fragrant

What is our goal in life? Passion and obsession about any goal will do at least 2 things: Either it’s a goal worth pursuing in which case we’ll be closer to our Life Purpose. Which only leads to more passion and joy! Or we’ll learn a lesson or two during our journey in the pursuit of a goal that eventually turns out to be not that fulfilling, in which case we’ll still be closer to our Life Purpose! Being passionate about any goal ain’t such a bad thing! Let’s go be a fragrant being!


Today I AM Joyous, Obsessed and Passionate about goals worth pursuing! I know I can’t make any wrong decisions. I AM a driven child of God who pays attention to all that’s true, beautiful and good! I AM happy!!

Recommendation: Ljving the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

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