How To Achieve No-Mind (aka Meditation)

Zero resistance + zero desire = Meditation.

no mind

Our minds can only be still, i.e. entertain no thoughts when we’re not seeking or resisting anything. Such a point of stillness is meditation. Which is why meditation is simple to understand but not so easy to practice.

Why We Must Be Quiet…

In quietness are all things answered. a course in miracles

be quiet

Anything that changes, doesn’t last, therefore isn’t. All things that change, such as pictures and movies on a screen, are made possible because of the screen. In our world the equivalent of such a screen is the quietness, the stillness, due to which all becomes possible. If we want to be in touch with this reality, if we want to know God and experience love, then must we be still, be quiet…

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

Why We Must Return Home…

You are indeed essential to God’s plan. Without your joy, his joy is incomplete. a course in miracles

all are needed

God is incomplete without the full participation and rejoining of her ‘separated’ creations. We’re ‘separated’ because we experience aloneness and are not generally happy campers. We’ll always be wanting fulfillment and completion until we wholly desire God and ‘return’ back home.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

How To Be Worry Free…

I place the future in the hands of God. a course in miracles

trust god

Given our limited, very flawed intellect and our penchant for making mistakes, it’s best if we allow divine intelligence to help us make our decisions. How do we do that? By simply asking the divine for help and inviting it to participate in our daily and even moment-by-moment decision making.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

How To Erase Anxiety…

I live by letting things happen. – Dogen


We experience separation from that which is. To erase this apparent separation we must allow what is. Any resistance to what is, causes the separation, therefore anxiety, and the feeling of loneliness, to intensify. As we allow life to just happen, over time, the separation slowly, becomes meaningless.

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