Expectations & Assumptions

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.  – Henry Winkler

our experience wells

We’re born into families, cultures and stories; through them we shape our lives which include our fears, assumptions and expectations about everything and everyone. I call these our ‘experience wells’. The benefit of staying in these wells that we’ve created is safety and familiarity. If we have to grow, get along with others and break away just as butterflies do from their cocoons, we must be able to climb out of our wells.

breaking away

First recognize that everyone else lives in their own experience well. For your own peace and sanity you must come out of your well, see the world and reality for what it is, and not from the circumscribed view from inside your well. For a relationship to be healthy, all involved must come out of their respective wells and be able to embrace each other in love and forgiveness.

Daily Affirmation: I am embracing truth. My focus is on forgiving and on appreciating the beauty that lies within all.

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