What Are We?

Remember always that you cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God. - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

in God’s mind

The Course goes on to say “When you forget this, you will despair…”. We are a thought in God’s mind, a thought that’s forever…


Today I AM delighted to recognize my true nature and place!

What’s That Voice In Our Head?

It's funny that we think of the voice in our head as our own and that we tend to believe it and value what it says, when so often it's contradictory, unhelpful, and unkind...We are so much kinder and more courageous than this voice, which is often fearful and upset with life. - Gina Lake

not us

The voice in our head, the one that’s constantly going, the one that causes all the thoughts in our mind, isn’t us. We are that which perceives this voice or the thoughts. Don’t believe a word that voice says.


Today I AM not paying attention to that voice in my head!

How To Show Up Daily…

Change what you can; accept what you can’t change — until you can. Appreciate all of life. That is the way. - Richard Haight

the way

In alert heart-mindedness we should show-up in full appreciation of Life and its components. We will be guided towards what requires our attention.


Today I AM appreciating all that Life has to offer.