How To Be Here And Now…

Let no one hour cast its shadow on the one that follows, and when that one goes, let everything that happened in its course go with it. - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)


There really is only this moment, now. Time is an illusory concept that we’ve created. Let’s just stay here and now.


Today I AM right here and right now. I AM now.

Why We Can Relax…

Rest untroubled, sure that only good can come to us. - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)


We are God’s children. If that’s true then do we really have anything to worry about? Seriously…


Today I AM relaxed because all is well.

What To Do With Thoughts?

You’re either believing your thoughts or questioning them. There’s no other choice. –  Byron Katie

another choice

Another choice would be to just ignore them. However Katie makes a relevant point, most of us just accept them without any kind of questioning.


Today I AM aware of every thought of mine. Where AM I headed?