What’s Our Daily Mission?

We need to love everybody, always. - Bob Goff


We are to love every moment of our lives and everybody who shows up in front of us. Love is our mission and purpose. Ever in doubt about what to do? Just love. Now like never before in our planet's history love is the only thing that'll save us. Love for others and love for our planet. Now or never!

Why We Must Be Like Children…

He gently reminds us who we are. - Jesus (Bob Goff)

god's children

We are God's children. Plain and simple. Can we accept this Truth? Upon our acceptance Grace steps in. Next we (our ego) just need to step aside and let Him lead us. God's plan is to guide us and everyone else into our best selves. And allow life itself to serve the highest good for everyone involved. We're not able to judge the highest good from our small selfish perspective. We just need to become like children and play along!

Just. Be. Love.

Be. Afraid. Not. - Jesus (Bob Goff)

just love

Fear is when love is not. Feel afraid ever? Then just love. Love is the perfect antidote to fear. We truly have nothing to fear except fear itself. Let's just be aware when fear arises. Then, push back not just yet, let it have its way and then gently allow love to replace it. Love is the answer to all the problems we as a planet face. Just. Be. Love.