Searching For God? He’s Here…

Are you looking for me? I am in the next seat. My shoulder is against yours. - Kabir

he's here

God is behind any pair of eyes we gaze into. He's the neighbor next door. She's our little baby. And he is whoever shows up in front of us. He's everywhere to be found. Are we lost or is he lost to us?

#NoPhoneSunday, anyone?

#NoPhoneSunday, hey why not!?

connect with humans!

Join me for #NoPhoneSunday. It just means that whenever possible or when you can do it, on any Sunday, refrain from using your smart phone! If you must use your phone for calls then you can still do #NoPhoneSunday by simply turning your data/WiFi off! How about it? Let's spend that time connecting with #humans directly :)!

Confused? Just Love What Is…

Loving what is... - Byron Katie

love what is

What is, cannot be any other way. By accepting and loving what is, we can be at peace and capable of taking the appropriate next step...