What’s Our True Nature?

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. - The Buddha

we're the sky

We're like the sky. We are the capacity for all that we experience. That includes the objects and events 'out there', it also includes our body, feelings and even our mind (we're not our minds). Within this spacious capacity that we're calling 'the sky' we focus on the clouds and birds, the 'arisings' that make up our lives. And we love to hold onto certain kinds of clouds, the ones we can't let go, those are our 'fixations'. And these clouds, our thoughts, our fixations, is what we make ourselves to be. But we're really the sky itself, that spacious quality of beingness, that allows all clouds and birds to appear just as they are.

What is True Knowledge?

Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

what's knowable?

What can we know without a shadow of a doubt? We can't trust the past to our memory or history books. We can only imagine the future. We can't really know an object such as a pencil or a tree. That's because we perceive objects with our senses. That same object such as a tree is a totally different experience to an ant or a bacterium. So what is a tree then? We see it as a separate object but the ant probably 'sees' it as an extension of the soil... Emerson, in this quote, talks about a posture of 'not-knowing' and equates it to 'knowledge'. Such a posture is very powerful because only from such a perspective, the one of 'not-knowing', can we truly know the only thing that is knowable.

To Be With God Daily, Do This…

Give yourself to Him, trust Him, fix your eye upon Him, listen to His voice, and then go on bravely and cheerfully. - Jean Grou

trust him and be of good cheer

God is present. He lives as all that is. That includes our life and our aliveness. To be with him all we have to do is acknowledge his presence, assume it to be present and move through the day in that trust. Life speaks to us constantly, are we listening? We are Life, let's be aliveness itself...