What’s The Best Profession or Business?

I have a special place to fill – a role for me alone. a course in miracles

god’s business = awakening

We do have a special vocation for which we were designed. And it’s not necessarily a specific profession or business. Our true calling always has to do with furthering God’s business in Life. And God’s business is wholly directed to awakening us, and others through us. And that’s our ‘special place to fill’, one which only we can do, and in our own special way.

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How To Achieve No-Mind (aka Meditation)

Zero resistance + zero desire = Meditation. Www.NamasteNow.com

no mind

Our minds can only be still, i.e. entertain no thoughts when we’re not seeking or resisting anything. Such a point of stillness is meditation. Which is why meditation is simple to understand but not so easy to practice.

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