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Feeling Afraid? Then Lose The Ego…

The false self (aka the ego) thrives by not ever wanting to lose. –

find self

Our scared and alone self never wants to lose anything that it ‘gains’. We don’t want to lose our wealth, our health, our family, job or our means of living. Ultimately the fear is of dying because we don’t want to lose the body to which we’re so closely tied. Unfortunately, we’re unable to hold on to any of that, we will eventually lose it all. So what to do? Discover our real identity, our true nature, and rest there in peace and bliss… It’s totally doable…

Feeling Lost? Find Yourself Thusly…

It is when you are really living in the present…that you are living… Brenda Ueland


When there’s just now, there’s really nothing else going on in our minds. The mind is not generating thoughts, comparisons and descriptions. Because the mind’s quiet, we, the real we comes to the forth. This is pure beingness, the only way to be!

Troubled? Here’s Where To Find Peace…

My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through earth’s loveliness. Michelangelo

right here

Truth and beauty is waiting to be discovered exactly where we are and all around us. We can’t find happiness, solace and infinitude without being at peace with what already is. The pathway to what we truly need must be in recognizing beauty and goodness in all the things, events and people that surround us…

Want To Meditate? Try This Simple Approach…

Meditation can be simple. Just sit. Do nothing. Be everything. –

just be

Just sit. Be comfortable and relax. Breathe normally.

Do nothing. Just be. If thoughts arise, realize they are not you. They’ll come and go. Allow that.

Be everything. All that’s happening, the sounds, sensations, thoughts, feelings, everything that’s happening is being perceived by you. None of it exists without you. Perceive everything, without comment. Be like a room that allows the furniture and stuff in it to just be. You are the room, peaceful and still…

When Will You Get There?

Looking to get somewhere? When do you think you’ll get there? –


We’ll never get there. It’ll never get done. Such is life in Time and Space. It never gets done (and we never get there) because our thoughts about anything never stop running. However, such a realization can help us discover the Here and the Now. And we do so by ceasing to think except when needed for practical matters.

Want To Master Life? Then Learn This Secret…

Whatever quality we re-cognize in the ‘other’ is one that we embody. –

re-cognize only goodness

This is not very well known, it might as well be a secret. Whatever we notice, judge or recognize in the ‘other’ person is what shows up or emerges within us, sooner or later. If we want to be healthy we should recognize good health in the other. If we notice or judge someone’s illness then we’re likely to have that same or similar condition emerge within us. Ditto for any quality, like beauty, kindness, anger etc… Whatever we notice in the other is a quality that we already possess or will soon embody. Our thoughts are supremely creative and we must employ great care when deploying them!