How To Awaken From Our Slumber…

We awaken when we're aware of being aware. -

the pathless path

We're actors who are completely and hopelessly lost in our acting, on stage, being totally the part we're playing. And that's valuable. It produces learning, growth, happiness and a lot of sorrow. When we're done with the suffering and want to travel down a different path, it's time to take the pathless path. It's time to awaken and come home.

No-Thing But God…

I am the Lord and there is nothing else... - Isaiah 45:5

god is

God (or ultimate reality) is. We move and have our being in God. There's only one thing going on and that's God. Know this and relax into Divinity's arms, all's well.

This Life Purpose Delivers Peace…

We are here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought. - Eckhart Tolle

awareness itself

We are not our thoughts. Then what are we? We're deeper than our thoughts. We're not our minds either. We're deeper than that. We're that which is conscious of what's going on. We're that to which objects and events appear.