Don’t Look Within…

Be, within, and without. -

look within

When we 'look' we expect to find something. So when we're given the ultimate spiritual advice to 'look within', what do we do? We peer inwards looking for something. Unfortunately we'll never find what we're looking for, that way. That's because we're not to 'look' within, we're just to disregard all 'objects' within and without. That includes cars, goodies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and assumptions. We are to just be, and in that 'being' is the pot of gold, the end of the rainbow, experienced.

When Will We Get There?

Looking to go someplace? When do you think you'll get there? -

where and why?

Wherever we attempt to go, we can't run away from self. If we're trying to escape our current circumstances, similar conditions will magically appear wherever we find ourselves. Where are we attempting to go anyway? And what do we hope to find? Will we like it there? Will this next adventure finally fulfill us? If not, why not? What is it within us, that's always here, as us?

The Simple Choice…

Choose Love. -

become love

Choose love, every time. Become love, all the time. Only love. Love only. Love.