Why Love?

Love will save the world, but only if we express it. May everything I do today be an expression of God’s love. - Marianne Williamson


Why did Jesus forgive his tormentors on the cross? Because he dwelt in love and he couldn’t see them outside God’s love for them. Love is the answer to every problem.

Why Only God Is…

Live in the world as if only God and your soul were in it. - John of the Cross

only god

God is, all there is. There is nothing else. Which is why we can never come to any harm. We are safe and all is well.

Why We Mustn’t Fear…

Do not think that He is leaving you alone... - John of the Cross

fear not

We’re at home with God. Now. He’s never left us, if anything we’re the Prodigal Child and need to return home. Will we heed God’s patient and loving call to his child? Will we turn back home?