How To Be Spiritual!

To be real is to be spiritual.  – Vernon Howard


We aspire to be spiritual. But what does that feel like? How can spirituality be defined? Here’s a dictionary definition:

spir·i·tu·al [ spírrichoo əl ]  

  1. of soul: relating to the soul or spirit, usually in contrast to material things
  2. of religion: relating to religious or sacred things rather than worldly things
  3. temperamentally or intellectually akin: connected by an affinity of the mind, spirit, or temperament

be real

‘To be real is to be spiritual’! So pithy, so perfect and fit a definition of spirituality! What does being real mean though? Here’s an interpretation along a few of life’s dimensions:

  • Self: See my self as I truly am. Understand my thoughts, desires and emotions along with their origin. Know my place in the Universe. Know my relationship to divinity. Learn to be happy.
  • Family: Understand my duty to family. Understand relationships as they are. Help others be happy.
  • Society: Know my responsibility to Life. Act on making life better for everyone.
  • By being real we understand self and situations. We’re well prepared to live a happy and productive life. We are spiritual.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM real!

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