Why Be Still?

Be still, and know that I AM God. - Psalm 46:10

be still

Be still and experience God’s love…


Today I AM still…


How To Experience Oneness…

Be as though you're not. Be the pure and still awareness of being.... –


To experience oneness we must be as though we’re not. That means we let our self mean nothing. We’re simply aware of everything ‘out there’ without attaching any of it to the person ‘in here’. We can then experience the pure awareness of just being. It’s stillness and it’s bliss.


Today I AM the pure stillness of being.


When Is ‘Now’ not?

The past appears to be over

The future shall never be

Where does it leave us?


the past and the future…

The past only appears to be over because we never leave it alone. The future never arrives because only the Now, ever is.


Today I AM firmly arriving at Now…