How To Stop The Monkey Mind…

Stop trying to still the mind. Be still, and let the mind roam free. That is true stillness. –  Jeff Foster

be still

We are the center from which we may observe the mind. We are not the mind. From that vantage point we experience peace, and joy…


Today I AM the eye of the storm. All is still. All is love…


Why Now?

Attention has no past. Attention has no future. Attention is always in the now. And now is the Life!. - V. Ganesan

when else?

Let’s be fully present here, and now. With our full attention on our being, there remains no difference between the attention and the being. They are one. It’s who we are. Arrive there and just stay.


Today my attention is on my being. I AM.


How To Be At Peace…

Know not language. –

just be

Experiment with this. Behave as though you know not any language. When practiced well you’ll remain thoughtless. And that brings peace, check it out…


Today I AM using not my mind to create thoughts…