How To Experience ‘Now’…

When we create not thoughts, we arrive at this moment, now. –

think not

We arrive at a natural stillness of being when thoughts cease. It’s then peaceful, calm and an inner-joy bubbles over making us want to stay right there, right now…


Today I AM just being, thoughts aren’t necessary…


How To Know…

Do not ask questions until you have trained yourself not to know the answers. –  Jack Gardner

not knowing

A state of not-knowing is what ushers in true being which is a state of always-knowing.


Today I arrive not-knowing and find out who I AM.


Where Is The Peace We Seek?

Just as a moth never touches the flame that it seeks but rather dies in it, so the apparently separate self never finds the peace or happiness for which it longs, but rather dissolves in it. This dissolution is the experience of peace and happiness. - Rupert Spira


Peace is to be found in the ever-present, expansive awareness which is what we are. This place isn’t one, no time passes when in its midst. It just is.


Today I AM the awareness that’s nothing but peace and love.