Where Are We?

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude,
Looking forward, I am filled with vision.
Looking upwards I am filled with strength,
Looking within, I discover peace

- Quero Apache Prayer


We’re safe right where we are. We emanate from the divine presence and are in its quiet and loving embrace. All is well.


Today I AM at peace because of who I AM.

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What Is Meditation?

If we let things just be, then thinking will eventually cease. There is simply no need for thought. This is meditation. The fullness of what is, then, our experience. –


Stillness results when we’re happy with just how life is. There’s no argument with life, nothing needs to change. The current moment blooms in Technicolor light and sound!


Today I just AM, Life is, it’s here and now.

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Where Is Love Found?

When, through understanding, we realize that what we long for can never be found in an object, substance, activity, relationship or state, our longing loses its direction, flows back to its source, and is revealed as the love for which we were in search. –  Rupert Spira

the source

The source of it all, is inside us, it is us. That pure sense of awareness that’s all encompassing, nothing but peace, love…


Today I AM at source, I AM peace, I AM love…

Recommendation: The Transparency of Things by Rupert Spira

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