Who Are We? Is There An Answer?

There are three great mysteries in life. To a bird, it is the air. To a fish, it is the water. And to a human being, it is himself.


the obvious answer

The fish might ask ‘What is water?’ but will it ever find the answer if it went looking? The bird will never understand the nature of air. The answer is self-evident in the experiencing of what is. So it is with our True Nature. It’s so very close to who we think we are that the obvious escapes us.


Today I AM experiencing who I AM!


What Are We?

Remember always that you cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God. - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

in God’s mind

The Course goes on to say “When you forget this, you will despair…”. We are a thought in God’s mind, a thought that’s forever…


Today I AM delighted to recognize my true nature and place!


Where Most Suffering Arises…

Psychological suffering is born of the ‘I-don’t-like-what-is-present-and-I-want-what-is-not-present’ thought. - Rupert Spira

what is

All dissatisfaction, mental-suffering, arises from not being happy with what-is.


Today I AM accepting it all just as it is.