What To Gain From Meditation?

Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from Meditation?” He replied: “Nothing.” - Lord Buddha


So why meditate? The ‘self’ who seeks to gain isn’t who finds. One’s true nature just shines through, and ‘that’ was always there, it’s already here.


Today I gain who I really AM.


How To Experience Peace…

All thinking is a resistance to ‘what is’. Find peace (and thoughtlessness) by accepting everything just as it is. –

what is

We must flow with the river called Life. That’s a sure way to ‘peace that passeth all understanding’.


Today I AM very ok with ‘what is’. Life’s never been better.


How To Stop The Monkey Mind…

Stop trying to still the mind. Be still, and let the mind roam free. That is true stillness. –  Jeff Foster

be still

We are the center from which we may observe the mind. We are not the mind. From that vantage point we experience peace, and joy…


Today I AM the eye of the storm. All is still. All is love…