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The Art of Creating

Silence is a receptive space.Barbara De Angelis

be still

Creation comes from silence. There’s a pause, a space between each of our thoughts. Pay attention to that space. That’s where creativity springs from. Which is why it’s important for us to be in control of our thoughts and not let them be the usual runaway kind. Be still and allow for creativity to occur!


Here’s a stillness practice. Meditation Tip #6:

  • Breathe 3 deep breaths. Each inhalation should be from the nose. Hold each breath for a few comfortable seconds Breathe out slowly through your mouth. The exhalation should take about twice as long as the inhalation.
  • Now just sit. Relax into your seat. Focus on each muscle (like on your shoulders, legs etc.) and allow them to relax.
  • Just be. And watch your thoughts. Notice how a thought might come up, like ‘Hey when I get up I must call my mom’, accept the thought, do not hop in and complete the thought, just become aware of it and let it go.
  • As you do more of the just ‘being’. You’ll become peaceful and alert. When you find yourself in a state of relaxed alertness, you’re then in the present ‘Now’ moment. Enjoy!

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Just sit

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.Satchel Paige

We’re busy bodies. What does that do to our mental and physical health? What impact does it have on our spiritual makeup?

Work and action is good, don’t get me wrong. To gain clarity of thought and a window into the best action to take, ‘sit time’ is crucial.

Another name for ‘sit time’ is stillness! Here’s how you might attempt it.

Meditation Tip #5:

  • Step 1: Find a place to sit/relax
  • Step 2: Just sit
  • Step 3: Focus on your body, don’t stay in your mind. Notice your hands, feet, legs, your breath and don’t make thoughts up about any of what you see. That’s key.
  • Step 4: When you think of something, become aware of that and put your focus back on just being.

Result: Enjoy the ensuing peace and quiet! Take it with you wherever you go.


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Do nothing!

It is because artists do not practice, patrons do not patronize, crowds do not assemble to worship reverently the great work of Doing Nothing, that the world has lost its philosophy and even failed to create a new religion.G. K. Chesterton

For how long can you sit still and do nothing? What part of you is it that doesn’t allow that? What do you lose if you’re unable to just be?

It pays to nourish this ability. Just take it easy, relax and literally do nothing.

One way to make this a habit is to make meditation or stillness a habit. Here’s another Stillness Tip.

Meditation Tip #4:

Relax into a chair and settle in. Next focus on each major muscle group in your body, from your facial muscles, to the shoulder ones, then lower and upper back. Focus on your stomach, behind, legs and calves as well. Ensure that each muscle area is relaxed and not tense.

Next close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. The breaths should be long drawn (through your nose), held for a few seconds and then exhaled (via pinched lips) slowly. This relaxes your body and starts to relax your mind.

Where is your attention now?

Likely it’s inside your head. Consciously bring your attention to where your heart is and stay there. Notice how you might lose track and get lost in a thought. Notice this too; then bring your attention back to the heart.

Stay here for at least 5 minutes. Repeat twice more daily, for maximum benefit.

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I AM, available…

I will speak to you if you listen. I will come to you if you will invite Me. I will show you then that I have always been there. All ways.Neale Donald Walsch

The creator, the universal creative essence, indwells us. That presence is available. We don’t know it because we haven’t paid attention.

When you get that flash of inspiration or that kind thought for someone else, that’s God talking to you. If you practice listening you’ll be amazed at how integrated God is into our lives!

He has always been present, and in ‘all ways’ has he made his presence felt, if we but listen and pay attention.

A technique developed by Carl Jung called Active Imagination can help you connect! And of course meditation or stillness helps!

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Arise out of fear!

To him who is in fear, everything rustles.Sophocles

  • How many fears are you harboring in your life?
  • How many of these fears are actually conscious ones? How many lie deeper still?
  • What do these fears cost you, your life and family?
  • How would your life be if you were calm, peaceful, at-ease and fearless!?
  • When do you plan to answer some of these questions for yourself?

Meditation Tip #3:

Start with Tip #2 and then once you feel settled let yourself relax even further. Now connect with your inner self by consciously putting your attention on your heart. You’ll notice that your attention so far had been inside your head and now can shift, if you let it.

Notice all thoughts as they arise. Just notice them, do not attach to them. As soon as you notice that you’ve attached to a particular thought and followed it, because that will happen, let go, and just be. Now notice the next thought that soon arises. At first this will happen a lot, over time though your mind will settle down, bit by bit.

The key is practice and regularity.

Can you invest just 10 minutes morning and evening, in this practice, for your own greatest benefit?

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Stretch your wings out

Even when the air currents are ascending, no bird can soar except by outstretched wings.The Urantia Papers


This quote is informing on two fronts!

  1. That there is a Universal (or life) current which we can attach ourselves to, which will take us to wherever we need to go.
  2. And that we must make the minimum effort required to participate in that Universal program!

To connect with this Life source meditation helps tremendously.

Meditation Tip #2: Sit down (at least thrice a day or when you need to feel the calm), close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

The breaths should be long drawn, held for a few seconds and then exhaled slowly. This relaxes your body and starts to relax your mind.

Breathe naturally now. Put your full attention on your breath. Watch and experience the breath as it goes in/out. Notice how you might lose track and get lost in a thought. Notice this too. And then put your attention back on the breath.

Practice for 5 minutes!


Reference: Meditation Tip #1

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