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The Only Path…

There is only one path, the one that happens. Zen

the one path

The only path that matters is this one. Where we find ourselves, today, is the result of all that has happened to us. And it could not have been any other way. We must come to terms with what has happened and what’s currently happening. There’s only one path, this one.

[acim] Where and What is Truth?

Do not try to look beyond yourself for truth, for truth can only be within you. a course in miracles

it’s you

The truth is here and now. It’s within us and is us. We can’t put our finger on it because we can’t point to our own essence. We’re a dynamic and an ongoing creation of God. Our beingness and the active experience of living is a big clue to who we are, it’s also the experience of truth. The truth starts to become more evident to us when we seek it, within us.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

Is There Enough? Are We Enough?

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. Tagore

what is enough?

There isn’t enough only when we compare to something else or impose a limit on ourselves. We often run around chasing time, as though we just don’t have enough of it. That too is a state of mind. If we think we don’t have enough time or worse, if we think we’re not enough, then we’ll forever be chasing that elusive ‘thing’ or ‘perfect person’. We have enough when we just recognize that we do. We are enough when we decide that it so and refuse to compare to anyone else or to another time, past or future.

Why We Must Sing!

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark. Tagore

sing and dance

We know there’s more. It’s like when we intuit the right answer or the right turn, we just know it. Our gut tells us. Similarly, we sense that there’s life after ‘death’. We know that we don’t die. We also know that the planet is in the throes of a birth not unlike the dawn of a new day. The light is coming. The light is coming! Rejoice!

[acim] Who or What Are We?

Everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked. a course in miracles

it’s me

Mostly unknowingly and because we’re creator children of the One God, we bring all that we experience into our lives. Everything that happens to us is because we want it to happen to us. We’re powerful beyond understanding. We, for some reason, want to play small and be like helpless bodies that eventually die. Who or what are we? Isn’t it time we found out?

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

[acim] Why I Am Responsible…

I am responsible for what I see. a course in miracles

a matrix

Life doesn’t happen to us randomly. God isn’t doing Life to us. We are Life and we’re doing all of it to ourselves. Once we start buying this truth, Life starts to make more sense. We live in an illusory Matrix, that’s entirely our own doing. But there’s no way ‘out’ unless we know that we’re under the spell such a Maya-like Matrix.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

And Here The Twain Shall Meet…

Where art Thou, except here, and now? Where am ‘I’ except right here, and right now? –

here and now

All of Life is focused right here and in this now. We happen to be here and now as well. In other words we intersect, directly and precisely, with Reality, i.e. God. If we can grasp and experience this Truth but for a moment, then we would have arrived, home.